October first, 11:59.

The clock counted down the final minute of her teenage years, each tick bringing her closer to a brand new decade of her life.

Time had moved so quickly. Childhood disappeared and adulthood had been thrust upon her. If she tried hard enough she could still smell the mud from playing in the rain, or the lasagna her mother used to cook. She could hear her brothers laughing in their room as they played on their play station, or her father’s music playing loudly in the car.

But it always dissipated so quickly, like dandelion fuzz in the summer breeze.

October second, 12:00.

The two hands converged on the 12. Nothing happened. The clock carried on moving. She blinked a couple of times before drawing the duvet up to her chin and rolling onto her back. A sigh escaped.

“Happy Birthday to me…” She whispered.

She dreamt of fuzzy blue carpets and sickly pink cake.