The End

   The city swarmed with a sea of tired commuters all on their way to work. The warm air that once kissed pedestrians had been replaced with bitter breezes and pouring rain which soaked most to the bone. One woman walked in a hurry, her boots splashing the small puddles that scattered the pavement. She nursed her latte in her frozen hands, enjoying the slowly fading warmth.

In her peripheral vision she spotted a familiar face, one she had not seen in quite some time. Several emotions poured through her, anguish, pain, and confusion… perhaps even delight? Her mind couldn’t quite process  the situation, before she knew it the face had turned towards her; sensing her furrowed stare. They were always as open as a well worn book, the pages of emotion flickering over their face. Eventually it landed on a new chapter, a welcoming smile appeared.

Greetings were traded, the pace of walking somewhat slowed until they stood on opposites sides of a small puddle; other commuters continuing on their journey. The rain did not submit, and continued to soak the pair as they spoke eagerly to each other. Short recaps of their lives, small smiles and congratulations. The easiness between the two was familiar and warm. Despite still so much left to be said, the woman found she need not say it. Once upon a time, she would have stayed in the rain to talk for hours, make herself ill with a chill to just to bask in their presence.

Excusing herself, she stuck her hand out, meeting his outstretched shake. The droplets rolled off their skin and onto the floor. Then they parted.

The woman continued her journey to work, dropping her empty coffee cup in the bin. She thought about whether she should have salad or pasta for dinner.