She can feel the sand beneath her toes, the soft grains sliding as she wriggles the appendages. The salty air brushes her hair off of her narrow shoulders, strands flying behind her. She is oblivious to the soft stare of the person beside her.

It’s nice to see her so peaceful, care free from the torture the previous months have held over her. They know it won’t last long. The sea will come in and they will retreat back to their old life. But in that moment, it is nothing but tranquillity.

She sighs, opening her speckled brown eyes to see the golden orb sink into the horizon. Peach, orange, red. The colours mingle perfectly to create such a sight that leaves her utterly breathless. It’s completely different from the clinical white walls she is used to waking up to.

She turns her head slightly, catching the gaze of her beloved, their eyes crinkle at the corners in complete adoration. Slowly they entwine their hands, squeezing tightly as if to reassure each other that they’re still there. They’re both alive in that moment. No words are needed, just the gentle sound of the waves engulfing the seashore.

For now, they can continue.