Looking back.

This is going to be my first attempt at a ‘blog’ post. This whole adventure of writing is supposed to encourage me to try new things; so I suppose it’s only fitting I give this a go. I took inspiration from a few friends, who honestly are amazing at this sort of thing; unfortunately I don’t have such high hopes for myself…

May was a time of reflection. It was the close of my first year of university, one of the biggest steps and journeys of my life so far. I often found myself counting down the days till I moved out of my lovely room in Verde, but thinking back to the times I’ve had there. When I first arrived I was filled with anxiety and nerves, I wondered if I’d make any friends at all, or if I would crumble within the first month and return hastily to the comfort of my small town. I was also dealing with heart ache, and the process of change, so to say that September and October were strange is an understatement.

The first day there, I was filled with anger with the past, and desire to start a new. I gave a tearful goodbye to my parents, and got ready for my first night out on the toon. And within the first few hours, being surrounded by my new flat mates, trekking around the streets of Newcastle searching for McDonald’s and bumping into dogs with Chloe- I realised I would be okay.


From there, I went to seminars and lectures, most horrifically boring. Regardless, I found some interesting and ended up creating a portfolio of writing that I was proud of, even encouraging me to start this here site! I dressed up for Halloween, I decorated the kitchen for Christmas with friends, I met my future housemates on a whimsical night! The end of 2016 was a rush, but lead to 2017- a more comfortable year.


As the year went on and lead to May, the pinnacle of my first year, I realised that I have achieved so much, made so many friends and memories and honestly proven myself worthy of being there. Yes, it was  mostly filled with stress, as I guess the majority of university and other educational students will understand. I had to perform as a lead character in my drama assessment; if you don’t know me then you won’t know my fear of acting or putting myself in any position to embarrass myself. It comes naturally enough without provoking myself. But, despite my clammy hands and shaky voice, I think I did okay! I was proud to say my team worked through the mishaps, and I managed to portray a drug and alcohol addict quite well- I’m not sure what that says about me… I left the assessment feeling quite cheerful, getting a rewarding dominoes pizza with a friend and then running into a beautiful cat; what a successful day!

Of course, the next day I realised I had two essays and an exam to prepare for, but whatever short lived joy I had was well worth it!

I knew I would miss the nights I spent with Chloe laughing at old photos of ourselves, starting drama with my exes over eggs, and taking the piss out of Marty’s lack of sunlight. Although May was stressful we still appreciated our time together and the nights we had like going out and taking a billion photos in the photobooth in House of Smith (Thanks to Louis’ change). Of course, ending the night with Best Kebab!


A year of drinking more than I really should, dancing incredibly awfully; although still not as bad as my friends (@ Louis’ terrible dancing and terrible everything), eating an obscene amount of potatoes in any shape or form, and of course avoiding work at any cost. It was a great year- full of ups and downs. I’ll certainly miss being able to brush off work by saying ‘only need 40% to pass’, but I can’t stop myself from being overwhelmed by excitement for what is to come.


May, you were okay. Fuck your assignments though.