Growth Is Okay

I long for growth, something new to evoke my grin

I wish to drink in the sunshine

to feel the heat upon my pale skin.

My eyes always crave a beautiful scene

Fresh scent, soft touch, a touching song

An inspiring moment that make me want to dream.

I may age slowly and my body will change

I will always mould that personality of mine

But that toothy smile will not fault as I age.

I can’t deny I love the past although it haunts me still

It’s a bitter sweet feeling that I cannot shake

But the love I have for it I cannot kill.

My situations may not always be similar

The walls change colour and the duvet spread updates

But looking back the nostalgia is always familiar.

I know that no matter what happens some things will stay the same

Maybe not people or looks or surroundings

But I will always be who I am and to that I will acclaim.