Interrupted Connection

Scattered apologies,
withered flowers, a box of chocolates.
That is what you offer me the day after.
I return to you a weary smile
a £200 watch and
4 long years of my life.
You put the watch amongst your
mismatched socks.
7PM at the local pub,
where we first met.
It’s about us, not the money.
I think of how you spent yesterday at
Football, choosing to guzzle beer with strangers.
I spent the night drowning in my own thoughts,

I’m unresponsive to the persistent
kisses on my bare neck,
the rough fingers running up my arm,
and the hungry, aggressive eyes.
A frustrated sigh, you retreat
back to the pub.
I don’t have to be here
you’ve ruined our night.

I let the tears fall down my
Dripping down onto my thighs.
They’re the
present you didn’t intend
to give me but I knew I’d

The flowers are almost dead
the following day.