You place it back on the shelf, back amongst the collecting dust and deep regrets that you store. It will sit there for a while, until you need it in a few weeks, maybe when you’re lonely and reminiscing.

You’ll use it without thought, because it’s a silly little thing, it isn’t worth much more than a minute. It’s just sort of there, you don’t usually notice it, but your eye caught it in your peripheral vision that day.

Accidents happen, maybe you will drop it on the floor, and maybe it will get chipped. You’ll sigh, looking at the several cracks in this old thing, wondering why you still have it.

You’ll keep it though; you never know when it might be beneficial to have it around. When you’re bored, or have had enough, it’ll go back onto the shelf; amongst the dust, to collect a bit more.

You will forget it is there. You’ll ignore it’s existence.

But there it will stay.